Food and drink

The experience and leadership of chef Jordi Vilà, one of the greatest representatives of Catalan cuisine and winner of the 2021 National Gastronomy Award, is something else that you’ll find at Casa Moritz.

Vilà is at the forefront of the brewery’s food and drink design, with a menu made up of the great achievements of Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona and with beer as the epicentre of dishes made entirely on the premises.

At Casa Moritz you will find the most successful dishes from Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona, where there will be no shortage of picantó a la Moritz, the great host of the menu. It is a small chicken, with tasty and tender meat, served with a can of beer inside.

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The famous flammkuchen, croquettes, patatas bravas and salads will not be neglected. Neither will gourmet sandwiches, such as macaroni au gratin, dark beer meatballs and mussels steamed in Moritz 7.

To respond to the wishes of those who are looking for healthier takes on the most popular dishes, we have given them a healthier patina, with salads and vegan dishes such as Mallorcan tombet.


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