Our beers

Being a part of Cerveses Moritz has its advantages, and one of them is being able to come to our bar and enjoy all the varieties of classic beer and a selection of fresh unpasteurised beer, all of which arrive directly from Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona. What a delight!

Fresh Moritz

Transported directly from Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona to Casa Moritz, you can enjoy a selec-tion of fresh, unpasteurised beers.



You don’t need a time machine to discover the Moritz of the future. We have Moritz Whipa. The first beer created for the brewmasters of tomorrow. Orange, with a noticeable bitterness and aromas of banana and tropical fruit, this Wheat IPA, brewed by students from The Universitat de Lleida, has a flavour that changes between the sweetness of wheat malts, mango and guava and a slight acid point in the aftertaste. What are you waiting to taste it? 


Moritz Original.

Original fresh Moritz beers The classic, our first and best known fresh beer. Pale golden in colour with a white, foamy, abundant head, with sweet hints of malt and cereals and an intense aroma of hops. Made from an extra-pale malt and one of the world’s most renowned aromatic hops, the Saaz hop.


Moritz Matrimoni.

At Moritz we are celebrating because we have united in marriage the world of beer and wine in a beer that will not leave anyone indifferent. Reinterpreting an Italian beer style, we have collected the best of both worlds. How? Well, fermenting a mixture of beer must and wine must with cava yeast. The result is a beer (with all the letters) that is reminiscent of natural “frizzanti” white wines.


Moritz 7.

When the brewmaster tried it he asked: “What is it?” “Tank 7”, they replied. They had just found the beer with the body and flavor they were looking for. 100% barley malt. Strength and Character. Remember that you can enjoy it fresh and unpasteurized, direct from the original tank.


Moritz Epidor.

Triple-malt beer characterised by a compact body and a unique colour. Its flavour is defined by caramelised malts and slight fruity hints from the fermentation. The pure character, intensity and aromatic expression of malt. Its body and long fermentation process offer an intense experience with extra power.


Moritz Negra.

An unfiltered beer with an intense black colour due to its malt and roasted barley, with slight hints of ripe yellow fruit. With a dense, fine, adherent head, it allows us to enjoy the roasted aroma that transports us to the world of coffee and cocoa with hints of liquorice and a slightly smoky flavour.


Moritz Red IPA.

A beer with the distinctive taste of hops and a notable bitterness. Dominated by aromas of floral and herbaceous hops, with hints of caramel, coffee and nuts emanating from the toasted malt.

Moritz classics

The first beer of Barcelona, since 1856, must be in our newest brewery.

Moritz Original.

Our first beer, the most popular, the one you drink for an aperitif in Barceloneta or in a last-minute toast in a bar in L’eixample, La Plana de Vic or even in Mallorca or Andorra. Pilsner type, but also Barcelona type. Pleasant, golden, foamy and abundant, like this city.

Moritz 7.

When the brewmaster tried it he asked: “What is it?” “Tank 7”, they replied. They had just found the beer with the body and flavor they were looking for. Our latest creation has the full intensity of 100% barley malt. Strength and character.

Moritz Epidor.

Our most radical beer. Intense, aromatic and brewed with caramel malt… how good that sounds: ‘Caramel malt’. Well, if it sounds good, imagine how it tastes. It has a compact body and an unmistakable colour that gives an intense and powerful experience. Of course… what experience isn’t in Barcelona?

Moritz 0,0.

What do you think about 0,0 beers? Does it seems so soft? Well, get ready to reset and start from scratch because the new Moritz 0.0 comes loaded with beer flavour, the one you like. Oh, in addition to having more body and flavour, it also has zero sugars and you won’t find that in any other.

Moritz Radler.

Yes, we took a classic Moritz and added 100% natural lemon juice. Now you take it and add a sunset, a group of friends, a little terrace, some snacks, sea views or whatever you fancy, because honestly, Moritz Radler is so balanced that asking for one is not just a good choice, it’s a fantastic idea.

Moritz Red IPA.

We know, we’re not the first to produce an IPA. Our IPA, however, has the distinctive taste of hops, with a notable, lingering bitterness. The aromas of the hops are predominately floral and herbaceous, with hints of caramel, coffee and nuts which emanate from the toasted malt. Simply put, this is a beer to be ordered two at a time.