About Us

The Moritz family grew and in December 2021 we opened our third establishment in one of the most central and emblematic streets of the city: Rambla Catalunya. Casa Moritz occupies a space of 300 m², with an outdoor terrace, a semi-open kitchen and a schedule serving all meals. The beer that comes out of the spouts is also outrageously fresh and unpasteurised, since it comes directly from Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona.

Casa Moritz arrived 10 years after the opening of Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona, the flagship of the brand, and here you will find a sample of the best the Fàbrica has to offer in a small format: fresh beer, recipes created by chef Jordi Vilà, tastings of Moritz varieties and guest brands, a design made in Barcelona and an absolute love for the beer culture that can even be seen in the decoration and furniture of the premises.

The decoration of a home says a lot about those who inhabit it and Casa Moritz is an example of this. Beer is the backbone of the new premises on Rambla Catalunya and just like at Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona, the space is a manifesto of everything that beer culture implies. The warm tones remind us of the colours of the Moritz varieties. Many materials such as tin and metal have been respected, while slate has also been added.